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Medical Associates of North Texas

Internal Medicine & Primary Care Practice located in Fort Worth, TX
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At Medical Associates of North Texas in Fort Worth, Texas, our expert team views our relationship with patients as a partnership to promote overall wellness and health. Co-founders Ravi Siripurapu, MD and Suresh Kankanala, MD lead the team of qualified practitioners to provide multiple levels of care at our internal medicine, primary care, and urgent care center. We serve patients’ needs in the office, in the hospital.

Our practice prides itself on developing relationships with individuals that go beyond their physical well-being. We focus on developing respect, integrity, and honest communication. Everyone receives personalized attention, and we ensure all questions are answered and concerns are addressed. This type of respect extends to the loved ones of a patient as well.

Inpatient care is available at Baylor All Saints Hospital and at Medical City in Fort Worth’s medical district.

Residents in the Fort Worth area who have urgent, primary care, or chronic disease management needs should call the office or book an appointment online to schedule a consultation to find out how our team achieves quality health care.

If you are a new patient of Medical Associates of North Texas, we welcome you! To save time at your first appointment please pre-register on the online Patient Portal.


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Our office is open 7 days a week. Walk-in visits are always welcomed Monday through Friday. Weekends are subject to telehealth visits only.

mission statement

  • Our Patient Philosophy

    The relationship we have with our patients goes beyond their physical well-being. It's a sacred trust, which we honor with respect, integrity and honest patient communication. We dedicate the time and energy to each patient to ensure all of her questions and concerns are answered. We also understand that every patient we see has loved ones who are trusting us as well. We are here to listen and answer any and all questions as we work toegther towards health and wellness.


    Continuity of Care

    Medical Associates of North Texas has strategically formed multiple levels of care under one practice so that we can serve our patients in a variety of setting including the clinic, hospital, long-term care, and post acute-care rehab. While an unexpected hospitalization can be overwhelming, we will be there at your bedside to expertly direct you care and provider efficient and comprensive care during your stay. Our first-hand knowledge and insight into your case during your hospitalization gives us an advantage as we personally and professionally carry forward your treatment plan in the long-term care, rehab, or outpatient setting.

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Our Team

We are here to help

  • Nicole Barnes, PA-C
    Physician Assistant
  • Meghan Bowen, PA-C
    Physician Assistant
  • Taylor Castleberry, PA-C
    Physician Assistant
  • Eriela   Castro, MA
    Eriela Castro, MA
    Medical Assistant
  • Kaylee Coffman, PA-C
    Physician Assistant
  • Nancy Garza, MA
    Medical Assistant
  • Selenne Garza, MA
    Medical Assistant
  • Kristi Harring, PA-C
    Physician Assistant
  • Johanna Herniaz, MD
  • Sean Hunt, DO
  • Jadea  Jackson, MA
    Jadea Jackson, MA
    Medical Assistant
  • Rachel James, RN, MSN, FNP-BC
    Family Nurse Practitioner
  • Ifeoma Kalu, MD
    Board Certified Internal Medicine
  • Suresh Kankanala, MD
    Board Certified Internal Medicine
  • Savannah Kemp, PA-C
    Physician Assistant
  • Fatima  Lopez, MA
    Fatima Lopez, MA
    Medical Assistant
  • Maidelyn   Macia, MA
    Maidelyn Macia, MA
    Medical Assistant
  • Ralyn  Montgomery, MA
    Ralyn Montgomery, MA
    Medical Assistant
  • Kara Norman, PA-C
    Physician Assistant
  • Guia Pangindian, PA-C
    Physician Assistant
  • Rahul Paryani, MD
    Board Certified in Internal Medicine
  • Karla  Retana, MA
    Karla Retana, MA
    Medical Assistant
  • Milly  Sandoval, MA
    Milly Sandoval, MA
    Medical Assistant
  • Ravi Siripurapu, MD
    Board Certified Internal Medicine

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Medical Associates of North Texas accepts most major insurance plans. For questions about your coverage, please call the office.

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Telehealth by appointment only

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