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Benefits of an Annual Physical

Benefits of an Annual Physical

Have you had a physical exam this year? If your answer is no, now is the time to get it scheduled. It’s easy to take your health for granted when you’re feeling well, but regular physical exams are one of the best ways to ensure you’re enjoying your best health throughout life.

At Medical Associates Of North Texas, our doctors provide comprehensive primary care and physical exams for adults of all ages. We believe that your health is your greatest asset, and we’re here to help you protect it.

By making a habit out of routine physicals, you can reap the benefits of better health. We recommend annual physical exams for all our patients, because...

Physicals offer essential preventive health care

Your annual physical exam evaluates whole-body wellbeing. Your doctor does a range of tests and screenings, along with a full physical exam, to identify risk factors and other changes that could affect your health.

The goal of preventive care is to identify and avoid potential health complications — before you start feeling poorly. Preventing disease is more effective than treating it later on, and getting routine physicals is an essential part of your preventive health care plan.

Your doctor reviews your medical history, lifestyle, and habits at your appointment. If you have questions about your health, your annual physical is a great time to ask them.

Our team may perform a series of assessments, including:

Depending on your health needs, your doctor may order blood work or additional lab testing. If needed, we can recommend vaccinations to keep you up to date.

Physicals help monitor chronic health conditions

No matter your health, routine physical exams are important. If we identify risk factors for disease, we can recommend lifestyle changes and medication to help maintain your health. However, these regular exams become an essential part of your health care plan if you have a chronic health condition.

Chronic diseases are common. They can’t be cured, but treatment can minimize symptoms and complications, so you can live better. Our team specializes in care for chronic conditions, including:

Chronic disease management includes specialized tests, along with routine screenings. You may need prescription medication to manage your condition, and our team works with you to develop a treatment plan that improves your quality of life. 

Take control of your health with regular physical exams. Schedule your next appointment online or call our Fort Worth, Texas, office at 972-695-8053.

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